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Doubt Busters front cover, Kindle Edition

Doubt Busters front cover, Kindle Edition

The Doubt Buster apologetic Q&A articles began when I visited http://answers.yahoo.com’s Religion & Spirituality section. There, I was dismayed at the quality of replies to questions about the Christian faith. I began contributing my own answers and saving them to a file on my computer.

When I reviewed my answers some time later, I discovered I had given over 150 answers thus far – enough for a book of its own. So I chose sixty answers and fleshed them out.

In my revisions, I tried to supply what I found lacking in other answers. Often, people apply different principles and reasoning to the spiritual than the material realms. Actually, God created this material realm with its life principles to help us understand how to relate to him on a spiritual level. Jesus took the same approach when illustrating kingdom values. For example, as the master found servants faithful or unfaithful upon his return and rewarded them accordingly, so Jesus will evaluate our service. If we find it sensible to reward those who produced the greatest number of returns, then we shouldn’t consider it unfair for God to do the same.

Some questions show a lack of knowledge of the underlying dynamics of the issue. For instance, the ancient Israelites suffered tremendous pain under the hand of the Almighty. This makes God look like a big bully. Yet all these punishments were spelled out in Israel’s covenant with God. The Israelites had agreed to these severe chastisements in advance.

The Flood as an atrocity prevents many people from accepting the God of the Bible. Once I expose the undercurrents usually omitted from the discussion, people’s perspective towards the Flood change quickly.

The questions that follow my answer sometimes try to expose a double standard implied by the question. When I turn the question back on the questioner, then the poor logic, unfairness, or extreme prejudice of the question is seen. Just as you wouldn’t think that way in real life, so it’s not appropriate to use that line of reasoning toward spiritual things. For instance, if a fellow employee was caught embezzling big bucks from the company you work for and the news hit the airwaves, how would you feel if the newscaster painted you and the rest of the company as corrupt to the core – because of the actions of one man? The people who would find that unfair still think it reasonable to tarnish every Christian in the world for the work of a few people during the Salem witch hunts. We are all biased, but some have an extreme bias.

The print version on lulu.com still has the original 60 chapters.

To my Chinese visitors: welcome to my web site!

To my Chinese visitors: welcome to my web site!

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