Fantastic Calligraphy Links

I’ve been gathering calligraphy resource links on the web to add to my calligraphy app resource page. I’m putting them up here so anyone can enjoy the links.

Western Calligraphy in the Movies

Quotes About Calligraphy

Favorite Calligraphy Videos

Calligraphy Internet Resources

Calligraphy Supplies around the World

Steve’s Calligraphy Book Collection

3 Responses to Fantastic Calligraphy Links

  1. Judy Shears says:

    Thank you, Steve, for sharing these richly informative, inspiring links.

  2. Steve Husting says:

    Thanks for your work on calligraphy links, Steve. I’ve only just found this website. Thought you might like to add these two top UK calligraphic organisations to your links.

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