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Are we justified by faith, or by works?

James 2:14 begins a train of thought that has puzzled readers probably ever since it was written. Here is the beginning of the passage: What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have … Continue reading

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What character traits does Jesus want to see in His church when He comes again?

Or, are you ready for a reward? When I wrote my book, Ready for a Reward, I examined verses that were related to the end times which also mentioned a character value. That is, the verses had two aspects: 1. … Continue reading

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If we are saved by grace, then why would God judge us afterward?

“Why would God judged us if we are saved?” Throughout all the statements of judgment in the Scripture, especially in the gospels and epistles, God is stating that we are responsible for our actions after we are saved. All of … Continue reading

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What is intimacy with Jesus?

What does it mean when Christians talk about having intimacy, or a deep relationship, with Jesus? There are many ways to describe it and experience it. I will talk about one way of entering into that intimacy or fellowship with … Continue reading

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Dying With Honor

The Bible is hard to understand in places. It’s also a thick book – who can remember it all? Therefore, many of us have ultra-simplified our theology, condensing it down to, “When I die, I go to heaven.” That’s simple … Continue reading

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“Once upon a time there was an Atheist”

Some atheists claim that the Bible is full of fairy tales that Christians have contrived in order to find order, purpose, and comfort in this life. But what about the fairy tales the atheists believe? And why do they think … Continue reading

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“When I Die, I’ll Go to Heaven”

A lot of assumptions are found in this statement: “When I die, I’ll go to Heaven.” What’s missing? No mention is made of how you live from now until death, and no mention is made of the eternity-defining event between … Continue reading

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Isn’t the Israelite’s entrance into the Promised Land in the OT symbolic of our going to Heaven when we die?

I’ve sung several hymns where this point of view is held. The crossing of the river Jordan into Canaan’s land is held to represent death, and the land itself is Heaven. I don’t hold to that view, and I’ll explain … Continue reading

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Why are more people believing in a partial rapture?

Several passages teach us that the Lord makes a difference among his people. He does not treat them all the same way. Not all of us will be rewarded the same, even though we are all of the church. Not … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t all clergy preach for free?

I went to a church where all the clergy had regular jobs. They thought it was a privilege to preach on their own time in the evenings and on Sundays. However, the Bible does say it’s OK for preachers to … Continue reading

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Following Christ

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Setting Heavenly Priorities

Living with the end in view involves Setting Heavenly Priorities Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where … Continue reading

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