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Are we justified by faith, or by works?

James 2:14 begins a train of thought that has puzzled readers probably ever since it was written. Here is the beginning of the passage: What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have … Continue reading

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Are people completely destroyed in Hell, or do they remain conscious?

I see two striking examples of people in Hell that give us an answer. Let’s look at the longest one first, found in Luke 16. Jesus told this story to the Pharisees:

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Seeing through “The Woman in Black”

I recently watched the movie starring Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame, The Woman in Black. This was a ghost story, complete with haunted house. When it was all over, I found it odd that the incidents in the haunted … Continue reading

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How could I identify the 666 mark of the Antichrist?

Of all the different prophecies about the end times, perhaps none other has received so much publicity than the Mark of the Beast. Some have refused to use credit cards, insisting that they are the scheme of the Devil. Others … Continue reading

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Why are so many Christians turning from the pre-tribulation rapture to the pre-wrath rapture?

What does the “pre” refer to in the words pre-tribulation and pre-wrath? It refers to an event that occurs prior to an event. Specifically, it refers to the rapture, the removal of people from the earth, before either a 7-year … Continue reading

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