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Using logic and reason to share the gospel?

Some Christians are frustrated when using arguments of logic and reason, such as from nature, to prove the existence of God or convince a person to become a Christian. The problem with this approach is that it does not take … Continue reading

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Leaving the Faith? Watch out for this logical fallacy

Many young people who leave home for college life end up abandoning their religion and moral constraints. (This is what the college professors and staff want them to do.) They are convinced by their professors that their religion was something … Continue reading

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Faith without proof is alive and well among the religious and secular

Many religious people trust in their spiritual authority for their religious beliefs. They don’t study the religious text for themselves. They don’t understand how their authorities came by their tenets, so theirs is a personal faith without proof. “All I … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t more people be persuaded to believe if Christianity and the gospel were presented more logically?

Frankly, few people are motivated to make decisions based on logic alone. For instance, a newcomer to a company may notice that all the key players are dressed in black, so the newcomer may dress in black to fit in. … Continue reading

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