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What character traits does Jesus want to see in His church when He comes again?

Or, are you ready for a reward? When I wrote my book, Ready for a Reward, I examined verses that were related to the end times which also mentioned a character value. That is, the verses had two aspects: 1. … Continue reading

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The Bible and Atheist agree: Blind Faith is Wrong

The popular meaning for faith is to believe something without proof. This is the “popular” meaning, and as with the meanings of several other words, it doesn’t match up with its meaning used in the Bible. For instance, the popular … Continue reading

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Why should we read the Old Testament?

Is the Old Testament (OT) of any value nowadays? Many people say that we no longer have to follow all those laws and rules anymore, so why bother reading it at all? I’ve read through the OT many times along … Continue reading

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Why does the Bible talk about Israel signing a peace treaty?

Daniel 9:24-27 gives us a sweeping, end-times prophecy from Christ’s first coming to His Second Coming. Verse 27 tells us about the final seven years before Christ sets up His kingdom. It all begins with someone making an agreement, or … Continue reading

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How could I identify the 666 mark of the Antichrist?

Of all the different prophecies about the end times, perhaps none other has received so much publicity than the Mark of the Beast. Some have refused to use credit cards, insisting that they are the scheme of the Devil. Others … Continue reading

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Why do people think we are living in the end times?

We do not know when the end (the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ) will occur, but the Bible has given us specific events we may look for that indicate that Jesus’ Second Coming is near. Let me give you … Continue reading

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Why are more people believing in a partial rapture?

Several passages teach us that the Lord makes a difference among his people. He does not treat them all the same way. Not all of us will be rewarded the same, even though we are all of the church. Not … Continue reading

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Why are so many Christians turning from the pre-tribulation rapture to the pre-wrath rapture?

What does the “pre” refer to in the words pre-tribulation and pre-wrath? It refers to an event that occurs prior to an event. Specifically, it refers to the rapture, the removal of people from the earth, before either a 7-year … Continue reading

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What is so special about the cross?

Christians highly value the cross because it means that our sins were borne by Jesus on the cross. The cross was an instrument of Roman torture to administer the death penalty. The criminal was nailed to a beam with his … Continue reading

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