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My Prayer List Benefits

I’ve been using a prayer list to keep my prayer times productive. Here are some of the blessings I’ve discovered after keeping to it almost every evening. These benefits are for anyone who wants a better prayer life!

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What part of life is religious?

How much of life is religious, and how much is not? How much has to do with God, and how much does not? Is “church time” the religious part, and outside church, life is not? A response of Jesus addressed … Continue reading

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I believe God can answer my prayers, but how can I believe he will answer them?

Some of you are praying for a loved one’s healing of a dreaded disease. Others are praying for someone’s salvation or that she will return to the Lord. However, it’s hard to believe God for the outcome if you don’t … Continue reading

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Modern Family: Talking to the Camera

The TV sit-com Modern Family integrates a technique used in reality shows such as Survivor and Master Chef in which the contestants talk candidly about themselves on camera away from the others. The Office also used this means to comedic … Continue reading

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“Is it OK to pray to Mary?”

You may pray to whomever you wish. But let’s think carefully about the last recorded words of Mary in the Bible: “Whatever He says to you, do it” (John 2:5). Are you willing to do what Mary (the mother of … Continue reading

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How do I deal with out-of-control sexual urges?

You deal with sexual desires the same way as with any other feelings, whether of envy, hatred, avarice, pride, and so on. The foundational teaching is Romans 6. There, we learn that when Jesus was buried, He took our “old … Continue reading

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Does God help those who help themselves?

I don’t know the origins of this phrase, but it sounds like an observation born out of experience, or possibly someone struggled with trying to make sense of the relationship between God’s work and man’s work, and he came up … Continue reading

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Why should I pray if God already knows what I want to say?

Some of my friends already know I’m going to talk about the Lord. In other gatherings, I already know the conversation will turn to American Idol, Survivor, and Farmville, with very little variation in what they’ll talk about. But that’s … Continue reading

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