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To learn, unlearn; to believe, disbelieve

In Philippians 3:4-6, we have a list of beliefs Paul had to disbelieve in order to believe, to unlearn that he may learn. For instance, according to this list, he believed in God and country until God corrected it to … Continue reading

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The Bible and Atheist agree: Blind Faith is Wrong

The popular meaning for faith is to believe something without proof. This is the “popular” meaning, and as with the meanings of several other words, it doesn’t match up with its meaning used in the Bible. For instance, the popular … Continue reading

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Why should we read the Old Testament?

Is the Old Testament (OT) of any value nowadays? Many people say that we no longer have to follow all those laws and rules anymore, so why bother reading it at all? I’ve read through the OT many times along … Continue reading

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Through the sciences we have gained much knowledge about how the world works, so why do we need a god?

This kind of question is usually asked of those in the sciences who are personally pursuing knowledge. If they write a book, they’ll usually write about ancient man’s inability to explain the forces of nature, and so they invented a … Continue reading

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Who is more powerful, God or Satan?

Quite a few people think of God and Satan as opposites engaged in a tug-of-war of good versus evil. That’s just not so. We know God is more powerful because God created the universe and Satan didn’t. We also know … Continue reading

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If God is all-powerful, why doesn’t he stop all suffering?

While the four-star generals plan their theater operations in the Pentagon, the ground troops carry out the actual missions in the conflict. A company’s board of directors decide which products they will carry. However, it is the men and women … Continue reading

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Why do people say God helps them and frees them when I see them suffering all the time?

How can people say they are free when they are bound to a wheelchair, or need a seeing-eye dog to get around, or a ventilator to breathe? Perhaps we can understand by getting a glimpse into their own world. I … Continue reading

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