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Why is there suffering in the world?

Someone asked this question on suffering at Christianity Stack Exchange, a site where I answer questions now and then. One of the answers to this question (given by a resident of Cape Town, South Africa) was so comprehensive regarding suffering … Continue reading

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The Neglected Deliverance

We tend to seek the Lord’s deliverance when we get into personal trouble. But there is a deliverance that keeps us out of the trouble in the first place. Which would you like – to fall into trouble and try … Continue reading

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Is predestination really about man’s free will versus God’s sovereignty?

Many people start their approach to predestination from a philosophical position rather than on the actual words and phrases the Bible uses about it. For instance, I asked one person how he begins his argument for predestination. He said, “God … Continue reading

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If there is free will, how can God be in control?

Your will is not as free as you suppose. Your upbringing, culture, personality, conscience, friends and acquaintances, role models, and the media have shaped you in many ways. For instance, if you are shy, your decisions at a party would … Continue reading

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