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Jesus’ Creation of Authorities

Jesus did not only create the seen and unseen things of the natural world, but also conceptual entities like hierarchies of authorities in heaven and earth. When we think of Him as Creator, we usually don’t go that far, do … Continue reading

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Evolution vs. Creation: Collision of Two Worldviews

Neither creation nor macro-evolution have physical proof for their positions. Rather, each party looks at the scientific data from their own perspective and looks for evidence to support it. For instance, the people who are convinced that macroevolution has occurred … Continue reading

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Why macro-evolution doesn’t make sense

One major barrier against the gradual evolution of relatively simple organisms into complex ones rests on the organism’s inability to understand its environment and adapt to it. For instance, how could a blind organism understand that color is produced by … Continue reading

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“Once upon a time there was an Atheist”

Some atheists claim that the Bible is full of fairy tales that Christians have contrived in order to find order, purpose, and comfort in this life. But what about the fairy tales the atheists believe? And why do they think … Continue reading

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Why are so many of today’s scientists frustrated with the theory of evolution?

Remember when the early scientists thought to prove that life could be created by electricity in an ideal atmosphere? That never really panned out; the proteins created by that method were right-handed proteins and all organic life required left-handed proteins. … Continue reading

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Don’t the days of the creation week actually refer to millions of years?

Is it reasonable to assume that the six creation days in Genesis chapter one were actually extended periods of time, such as millions of years? Let’s step through the six days of creation, assuming that each day is actually an … Continue reading

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Did God create the many parasites that kill children before they are even capable of sin?

God created every living thing. He also created a safe place for Adam and Eve to live – in the Garden of Eden. As long as man wanted to live by faith, trusting God for life, he was safe. But … Continue reading

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Helpful Apologetics Resources

Skeptics are attacking the Bible on a wide variety of fronts. Thus, Christian apologetics (the defense of the faith) span many subjects, such as defending the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the accuracy of the Bible, and the truthfulness of biblical … Continue reading

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