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The Pharisee in Church

The frequent run-ins between Jesus and the Pharisees were a clash between the Pharisee’s preoccupation with external things and Jesus’ emphasis on the spiritual kingdom. The Pharisees were interested in keeping their status quo, the rigid forms of religious law, … Continue reading

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How can you believe the church has the truth when there are so many conflicting denominations?

How can Christians say they know the truth about God when their theology and beliefs are fractured in so many ways? How can any one group be sure of themselves, that they got it right? The same way anyone else … Continue reading

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“Once upon a time there was an Atheist”

Some atheists claim that the Bible is full of fairy tales that Christians have contrived in order to find order, purpose, and comfort in this life. But what about the fairy tales the atheists believe? And why do they think … Continue reading

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If God is all-powerful, why doesn’t he stop all suffering?

While the four-star generals plan their theater operations in the Pentagon, the ground troops carry out the actual missions in the conflict. A company’s board of directors decide which products they will carry. However, it is the men and women … Continue reading

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Why should I go to church when it’s full of hypocrites?

If you were sick with a fever, asking this question is like asking, “Why should I go to a hospital when it’s full of sick people?” If you were sick and wanted to get better, you belong in a hospital. … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t all clergy preach for free?

I went to a church where all the clergy had regular jobs. They thought it was a privilege to preach on their own time in the evenings and on Sundays. However, the Bible does say it’s OK for preachers to … Continue reading

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What would happen if Christians actually followed their Bibles?

When Christians have followed through on the Bible, they have transformed society for the better. According to What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? 6, by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe, here is what Christians have accomplished when they … Continue reading

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What do you get out of going to church?

I get to hear instruction from the Word of God from a man who explains it clearly and helps me to apply it to my life. I get an opportunity to hear God direct my life. I hear a promise … Continue reading

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