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Hope and the Christian

Hope is not merely a religious word for a theological concept, but an internalized, deep conviction developed over time, just like many other convictions that have grown on us. For example, we may develop a deep appreciation for someone when … Continue reading

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What character traits does Jesus want to see in His church when He comes again?

Or, are you ready for a reward? When I wrote my book, Ready for a Reward, I examined verses that were related to the end times which also mentioned a character value. That is, the verses had two aspects: 1. … Continue reading

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If we are saved by grace, then why would God judge us afterward?

“Why would God judged us if we are saved?” Throughout all the statements of judgment in the Scripture, especially in the gospels and epistles, God is stating that we are responsible for our actions after we are saved. All of … Continue reading

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Why should we read the Old Testament?

Is the Old Testament (OT) of any value nowadays? Many people say that we no longer have to follow all those laws and rules anymore, so why bother reading it at all? I’ve read through the OT many times along … Continue reading

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“When I Die, I’ll Go to Heaven”

A lot of assumptions are found in this statement: “When I die, I’ll go to Heaven.” What’s missing? No mention is made of how you live from now until death, and no mention is made of the eternity-defining event between … Continue reading

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Why do people think we are living in the end times?

We do not know when the end (the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ) will occur, but the Bible has given us specific events we may look for that indicate that Jesus’ Second Coming is near. Let me give you … Continue reading

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Why are more people believing in a partial rapture?

Several passages teach us that the Lord makes a difference among his people. He does not treat them all the same way. Not all of us will be rewarded the same, even though we are all of the church. Not … Continue reading

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Why are so many Christians turning from the pre-tribulation rapture to the pre-wrath rapture?

What does the “pre” refer to in the words pre-tribulation and pre-wrath? It refers to an event that occurs prior to an event. Specifically, it refers to the rapture, the removal of people from the earth, before either a 7-year … Continue reading

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