How can you prepare yourself for the rapture?

Jesus told us how in Matthew 24:36–51. There, Jesus told his disciples to “watch therefore, for you do not know” when he will come again. Then Jesus gives us two examples of what it means to watch and not watch.

In 24:43–44, the man of the house knows a burglar is coming to rob him. So he makes preparation to defend his home and his life. We have an enemy who wishes to rob us of our spiritual blessings. The one who is ready, therefore, will be protecting his faith. 

In 24:45–51, we get a double example. There, the owner of the property has left his servant in charge of the property. The owner comes back and finds the servant still at work taking care of things properly. As a result, he owner elevates him as caretaker of the whole property.

“But it that evil servant” (the same servant, for with our free wills we can go one way or the other), decides that the owner won’t be back for a while and is found unfaithful when the owner returns unexpectedly. The servant is punished severely.

What do you think?
a. If you knew an enemy (Satan) is working hard in the background to take away your spiritual gains, how will you live? You will watch (persevere in prayer, the word, and living holy) so that you will lot lose your benefits.

b. Do you know what the Lord wants you to do on an on-going basis? Are you keeping it up, learning to draw on his power to persevere?

c. Have you slowed down in your pursuit of the Lord, the world pulling you away and dimming your vision so you are putting other things ahead of your relationship with Jesus?

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