Blessings of our Salvation

Our salvation is more than “my sins are forgiven,” or “I’m going to heaven when I die.” Here is a partial list of gratitude-inducing blessings that belong to the child of God. Our salvation is greater than we can conceive of. Don’t deprive yourself of experiencing the fullness of salvation that Jesus has won for you. “I’m a good person who goes to church” doesn’t come close.

There’s a hymn that tells us to count our blessings. May this list be a starting point to relish all that has been given us. In addition, for those who long for more out of their life, check through these to see what you still have ahead of you. Not all blessings of salvation come on the first day of receiving Christ. Many take time and effort to develop or appreciate. For instance, the believer who keeps complaining during hard times has not developed hope yet, which is being confident of a positive future in spite of present circumstances. True hope develops over time as we weather the trials and see God follow through.

I divided the list into different groupings. The first list are blessings that can occur relatively early in a believer’s life. Many of blessings grow in their fullness throughout a believer’s life through sanctification. The second part is what the believing and surrendered can know later in experience because it takes time to learn the lessons and grow in character. The last two will be known after Jesus returns, but not every believer will experience all of them. Quite a few of these blessings of salvation are conditional on the believer’s growth and faithfulness. These groupings are subjective; others will disagree on how they should be grouped together. Ordered alphabetically within each group.

Read, and give thanks!

::: Now :::

Accepted in the Beloved
A clear conscience
Answers to prayer
Baptized into His death
Become a new creation
Being His sheep, hearing His voice
Can put on the new man
Dead to sin, freed from slavery to sin
Delivered from the fear of death
Filled with the Spirit
Forgiveness of sins
Freed from the flesh by the cross
Freed from the law
Grace of God given, grace abounding
Have bold access to God by Spirit
Having newness of life
Having the righteousness of God
Holy, sanctified, consecrated, set apart
In Christ
In the kingdom
Justified by faith
Knowing His will
Led by the Spirit
Living by faith
Living for God
Made alive in Christ
No more condemnation
Obeying God from the heart
Peace with God
Possessing eternal life
Power of God working in us
Received atonement for our sins
Receiving a new vocation/calling
Receiving spiritual gifts
Reconciled to God
Redeemed through His blood
Saved from wrath
Sealed by the Holy Spirit
Sitting in heavenly places in Christ
Taught by the Spirit
Washed in the blood
Wrath of God appeased, propitiated

::: Over time, conditional :::

Adoption as sons of God
Bearing fruit of righteousness
Born of the Spirit
Christ reigning as Lord
Conformed to His image
Enduring trials with joy
Father and Son dwell within
Freed from the law of sin and death
Full assurance of hope
Loving your neighbor as yourself
Spiritually minded

::: Future, for all :::

God dwells with us
New resurrection bodies
No more death or sin
Reunite with loved ones

::: Future, conditional :::

Crowns and rewards among the faithful
Inheritance in the kingdom
Inhabit new heavens and new earth
Joint-heirs with Christ
Reign with Christ on thrones

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