Would remote peoples go to @#!*% because they don’t believe in the Christian God?

I believe what is happening in the Muslim countries is happening in the remoter areas as well. A missionary letter I’ve received reported that God has been reaching out to the Muslims in dreams and visions (as foretold in Acts 2:17). Many of these Muslims are turning to Christians to ask more about this Jesus whom they say appeared to them and spoke to them.

Thankfully, people in these remote places believe in a higher power of some kind, so this makes them receptive to receiving dreams and visions and acting on them as though from God. In our secular society, we are prone to dismiss this kind of approach. I recall the story in Acts chapter eight where the Holy Spirit sent a missionary named Phillip toward Gaza, which is south of Jerusalem. There he met an Ethiopian who was reading from the Old Testament. In the end, Phillip preached Jesus to the man and he believed and was baptized. Here was a perfect example of someone far away who was hungering for the truth of God, and God met the man’s need. God is taking care of the remote peoples who desire the truth, and is reserving judgment for a later date.

What Do You Think?

a. With advanced technology, unknown fifty years ago, we can flash words and images around the world in the blink of an eye. Why do we have a problem with God being able to spread his truth all over the world? Do we think God must rely on modern technology for this feat because we have to?

b. God is persuading men and women to believe on him through dreams and visions even today. Have you limited God’s work in your life because you think he has to work in a particular way?

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