Why does God hate homosexuals?

You probably get the idea that God hates homosexuals from the many public radio and television figures and even street evangelists who have spoken against homosexuality using slurs and put-downs. You get the idea that God hates homosexuals because these individuals, who supposedly represent God, vilify them. I have read disturbing web site articles written by Christians who condemn homosexuals – and even other Christian groups – with harsh language.

But what does the Bible actually say? God abhors acts of bestiality, adultery, and homosexuality (Leviticus 18:20, 22, 23). He told the Israelites not to engage in these acts because for these acts God was using the Israelites to drive the inhabitants out of the land: “For the land is defiled; therefore I visit the punishment of its iniquity upon it, and the land vomits out its inhabitants” (see Leviticus 18:24-25). God is holy and wanted to dwell with the Israelites. If the Israelites wanted God to remain in their midst and bless and protect them, then they must accept these conditions of the covenant God made with them.

The moral parts of God’s covenant, which tell us how we are to behave before each other, continue with his believers today. Therefore, many believers are afraid that God will bring judgment on their nation if it accepts homosexuality, and a society’s acceptance of homosexuality will advance other immoral forms of sexuality. So, many conservative people are outspoken about homosexuality. Homosexuality is an unnatural form of the sex act, since it involves using the sexual organs in ways they were not designed. This creates revulsion among mainstream conservatives.

I see two factors in view here. First, if we as individuals want to be holy and enjoy a relationship with God, we must refrain from engaging in what God has forbidden, including adultery and homosexuality. Being tempted to engage in such relationships is not sin; practicing the behavior is sin. Are you a Christian considering engaging in homosexuality or adultery? Then you will compromise your walk with God. Unfortunately, Christians have lost credibility in their stand against homosexuality because of their own many cases of adultery and divorce. But this does not mean God has changed his mind regarding homosexuality or adultery! Both are still abhorrent to him.

Second, homosexuals are not being singled out by God today as meriting special disfavor. The Scriptures tell us that all of us have sinned and fallen short of God’s standard. As a result, God’s wrath rests upon all of us – unless we come to him in faith and repentance. Through faith in Jesus Christ, all sin will be forgiven, and through the power of the Holy Spirit sin can be resisted.

What Do You Think?

a. My wife has often thought that I hated certain foods because I preferred other foods to eat. I had to tell her that I do not hate the other foods; I just like these other foods better. Do you think God hates certain individuals just because he favors something else?

b. Have you ever been accused of hating because someone did not like you disagreeing with him or her? Have you ever noticed that people think it’s hatred if people disagree with their views, but not hatred if it aligns with their thinking?

c. Why do people equate hate with disagreement? Can people agree to disagree with a civil attitude?

d. If a heterosexual is against the practice of homosexuality, and a homosexual is against the heterosexual’s reasons for it, who is hating who?

e. Have you ever heard fiery rhetoric by homosexuals against heterosexuals? Aren’t such displays of “hatred” protected free speech?

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