What is deliverance from sin?

Jesus died to save us from our sins. Here are various ways sin has hurt us and how Jesus has saved us.


Sin corrupts the image of God in us
Jesus saved us so that we may be more like Christ. Christ loved and obeyed God all his life. He set us free from the rebellion of sin so that we may do the same. Instead of fear, guilt, distrust, and anxiety – the fruit of disobeying God – you may experience love, confidence, humility, and peace – the fruit of the Spirit.


Sin enslaves us
While we were slaves of sin, we could not obey God. We struggled with trying to please God while also trying to please ourselves. If you continue in sin, you will make it harder to break free; you will be addicted and deceived. You will find it impossible to yield to God’s better way when you need it most. When we are saved, we reject sin’s master for a new Master – we become slaves of Jesus, slaves of righteousness.


Sin breaks communion with God
If we choose sin, we are choosing to disobey God and be friends with darkness. We create walls between us and God. Jesus saved us to bring us back to God and to enjoy a relationship with him.


Sin brings punishment
When we accepted Jesus as our Saviour, the punishment for our sins was borne by Jesus and he set us free from that punishment. You will sin in your life after believing on Jesus, so you’ll need to confess and repent of sin to keep the account clear. If we choose to ignore known sin, then we will have to deal with it before the judgment seat of Christ. The blood of Jesus will cleanse us of all sin, but if we do not avail ourselves of it through faith and repentance, then Christ will judge us in the end.

What Do You Think?

a. Is sin just “doing bad things”? Why or why not?

b. Could any of the corruptions above be fixed by just doing good deeds and being a nice person? Why or why not?

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