What if God does not exist after all?

If the Christian God does not exist after all …


Then how did the prophets plainly foretell of Jesus’ coming, complete with the exact name of his birthplace, how he would die, even to pre-quote the words people will say around his crucifixion hundreds of years before they happened? Through approximately one hundred prophecies, the Bible carefully identifies the Son of God with specific details so we would recognize him when he came.


How did the Bible accurately foretell the time Jesus will appear on earth, even naming a historically verifiable character (Cyrus) who was not yet born? No modern fortune-teller, psychic, or other holy book has the prophecy fulfillment track record of the Bible.


Why didn’t the first century Jews who were against the Christians deny Christ’s miracles? They accused him of being in league with the Devil rather than deny that he healed the blind and raised people from the dead. Why did they have to make up a story about a stolen resurrected body? Jesus said he would rise from the dead and ascend into heaven. The Jews circulated the report that his body was stolen from the tomb because they had to acknowledge that it was indeed missing. The disciples of Jesus were persecuted to death for supposedly robbing the body. If they had hidden the body as the Jews claimed, then they could have produced the body and escaped death.


Why does the fossil record show only a handful of disputable transitional samples linking fish to amphibian or any other species? Archaeologists have unearthed millions of fossils—more than enough to find a single undisputable example of evolution.


How did the male and female sexual organs, perfectly suitable for the other, appear in nearly every specie of animal and insect? It is ludicrous to accept the idea that male and female sexual organs evolved in lockstep over many millions of years across virtually every kind of beast.


These questions are easily answered by the existence of a Creator who wants to make himself known to us. Through the prophecies, he wrote the Bible in a way that showed himself as the author. Through creation he shows us several of his attributes, such as order and law.

What Do You Think?

a. If the Christian God did not exist, would you be relieved? Why or why not?

b. Was your answer to the above question based on what you know about God through personal reading of the Bible, or through other people?

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