If some verses are missing from some Bibles, then is the Bible perfectly preserved?

As a whole, the texts are amazingly well preserved. Some modern Bibles use a variety of manuscripts to translate the text. In choosing some manuscripts, Bible translators will leave out the parts not contained in other manuscripts. You may look at the bottom of the pages of many modern Bible translations to read the variant readings for yourself. You’ll find that the readings are very slight and do not change the meanings of the texts. No Bible theology is changed with the minor word changes you will find.

You can still base your whole life on the Word of God. If you are suspicious, simply read several versions of the Word when you do your daily Bible reading. Many students of the Bible follow this practice.

What Do You Think?

a. If someone tells you to keep track of all the emails that did not reach your email box, how could you possibly do this if the emails did not get through? Similarly, if verses did not appear in the original manuscripts, how could somebody claim they were missing?

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