How is it possible for the vegetation to have appeared before the sun?

In the normal order of things, a plant needs the Sun in order to grow. In God’s act of creation, we find that God created vegetation on the third day, and then God created the sun on the fourth day. I don’t find it a problem to leave the plants in the dark for just one day. Cover a houseplant for twenty-four hours and it’ll live!

On the other hand, I do find it a problem to have the the days of Genesis equal vast ages as opposed to 24-hour days. How could vegetation live for thousands or millions of years if there were no Sun?

Quite a few people find the order of creation in Genesis to be absurd. God created light and darkness before the sun; he created an expanse of nothingness between waters, and then caused dry land to appear out of the water. God creating everything out of normal order demonstrates the magnificence of his power and control. He is not limited in the same way we are.

What Do You Think?

a. In what sequential order do you think our natural laws were established? Did they appear in operation all at once?

b. If God can do anything, couldn’t he create the universe in any order he wanted to?

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