How can we tell what God is like?

What do statesman Benjamin Franklin, football player Jackie Robinson, and television actress Lucille Ball have in common? They all wrote autobiographies. Their words are an open door to their world. We learn of their thoughts, plans, and accomplishments. Though they are dead, their words bring them to life and make them familiar figures.

We can know what God is like because he too wrote a book about himself. Through the Bible we learn of God’s values and plans. Here are some of the things I’ve learned about God. In Genesis I learned that God is powerful, having created the universe and every living creature out of nothing over the course of six days. God also desires fellowship, for he created Adam and Eve, and wanted to walk with them. God is also merciful, for when Adam sinned, God made a way to cover Adam’s sin. He is also a God who makes promises, for he told Adam that he will bring a redeemer to save them from the curse that their sin brought into the world.

He is also a righteous judge, for when the whole world turned wicked, leaving one righteous man left, God punished the world with a flood, saving the one righteous man, Noah, and his family. God also sets plans into motion that will take centuries to finish. He befriended Abraham, granting him righteousness by faith alone. Through Abraham’s seed God would bring the redeemer.

In Exodus I see that God is a covenant-maker. His covenant with the Israelites tells me he wants to dwell with us and bless us. However, he is just and must punish sin and unrighteousness, but not before warning us first.

In Leviticus I see God providing a substitute for my sin. That is, through the animal sacrifices I learn that God will transfer my sin to another, allowing the other to take my blame and punishment. He is also a holy God, untainted by sin.

In Numbers I see a God who journeys with us throughout life, desiring to bring us to a better place, taking care of us all along the way.

I see in Jesus God’s fulfillment of all his plans and promises. Jesus, the Son of God, is the redeemer who willingly took my sins on himself and died for me, just like the animal sacrifices taught. Under his own power, he rose from the dead. As God befriended Abraham by faith, so I enter into a relationship with Jesus by faith, and through that faith I am made righteous in his sight. He breaks the curse that Adam started. Through Jesus, the Holy Spirit was sent to be with me and guide me all the way to the kingdom of God in glory.

God has revealed himself wonderfully in the scriptures, and in the lives of those who follow the truths in the Scriptures.

What Do You Think?

a. Can you learn of people through their biographies? Why or why not?

b. Why does God reveal himself through a book, then send his followers around the world to translate that book for others?

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