What are the benefits of writing calligraphy?

Swirl medallion

Swirl medallion

It is meditative. It calms you down like a personal retreat as you work on one stroke in a letter one at a time.

It builds creativity. You always want to try the lettering a bit different — a different color, slant, angle, size, with new or different elements, or whatever.

It is satisfying. You create a project, show your friends, and receive good vibes from creating something beautiful.

It builds up a person. Some people discover that calligraphy is their main thing in life and it becomes part of their identity. They gain confidence as their skills mature.

It’s an outlet for love. You can create unique gifts from the heart for others based on your skills.

It builds the brain. Studies show that the brain develops better when one pays attention to writing careful, hand-written letters than typing on keys.

It fosters patience. It takes time to create really good letters and projects based on their design. It requires much repetitive practice, and in that way you learn patience, both for calligraphy and in life.

It builds community. Eventually you want to seek out others who are interested in calligraphy and you join a community, either online or in a local guild. Then you learn from one another and get better feedback. Lasting friendships are built along with your skills and knowledge.

It provides income. You get paid for doing something you like and people appreciate.

It is fun. You can try out a lot of different techniques with combinations of inks, paints, papers, lettering styles and tools to see what you wind up with.

It beautifies the environment. When you works are displayed in your home, at a wedding, or anywhere else, you bring a little beauty into a world that is starving for it.

It adds meaning. The message in poetry and other texts can suddenly become clear when “illustrated” with hand-done calligraphy.

It trains the eye. Studying other works of art in our genre or out helps us be constructively critical of our own work. Our design sense evolves. We are try new and different directions with our work.

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