Starting a Calligraphy Business?

How do you get started in a calligraphy business? I don’t have all the details, but I do know that you’ll need to determine exactly what you want to do with your skills. I thought I’d jot down the different kinds of ways we can apply our calligraphy.

  • Create clipart and sell online through,,, and similar sites.
  • Create custom gift pieces and sell online at
  • Sell small services or pieces at
  • Create popular phrases and market them on mugs, apparel, and other gift items through and similar sites.
  • Do personalized framed or unframed certificates, poetry, notes, letters, quotes.Do diplomas and degrees for learning institutions.
  • Do wedding invitations and the associated paper pieces that go with it.
  • Submit work for the movie industry.
  • With knowledgeable graphic design skills, apply your calligraphy to full design services.
  • Teach calligraphy classes or tutor individuals – post a job at
  • Write how-to books on calligraphy.
  • Create bound calligraphy art books or custom books.
  • Produce calligraphy-related video(s) and sell on disc.

I thought I would do a quick search on the Internet for more ideas. I really hit the jackpot — this page has over 200 uses for calligraphy!

On this Reddit page, a calligrapher shares his (or her) insightful questions to ask regarding starting a calligraphy business:

What would you do if you decided to practice calligraphy as a part-time or full-time business? How would you specialize?

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