Calligraphy Museum — just dreaming

What would I like to see in a U.S.A. museum dedicated to calligraphy? Here are some ideas.

  • Displays that change art monthly to show us the great diversity in art styles. Show old and new works, and at other times, organize works based on a theme, season, or person.
  • Rooms displaying art gifts to the museum. These pieces can rotate as the collection grows. Can auction off to support the museum.
  • A hall of remembrance showing departed calligraphers and their works. (It’s a calligraphy museum, so these top points would take up the most space.)
  • Visual timeline of calligraphy through the centuries, showing how one style is the offshoot of another. This can be stretched across the four walls of a room.
  • Room selling calligraphy art. Rotated.
  • Give demonstrations for visitors. Work to be projected on a wall for all to see.
  • Classes to learn hands-on calligraphy for a fee.
  • Displays showing the many kinds of calligraphy tools and equipment used over the ages.
  • Shop for mementos, books, and supplies.
  • Lecture hall.
  • Video room of screens showing calligraphy videos curated/spliced together from YouTube or other free sources, with comfortable seating.
  • Snack bar and seating.
  • Space for calligraphers to post their business cards.
  • Security cameras and staff.

To put this into motion, we just need to win the next 500-million-dollar Powerball, then hire professionals experienced in managing the above areas. When the money runs out, it all shuts down. It’s OK to dream!

Do you have some ideas not listed here, or thoughts on the subject? Please comment!

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Steve Husting is a mild webmaster by day and fearless writer by night. He is deaf, loves making calligraphy, hiking, terrific movies, and making the Bible's message clear to his readers. His devotionals are regularly published in Daily Devotionals for the Deaf, and his latest apps are sold in the iTunes App Store. His self-published Christian and calligraphy books are on
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