Updates to Fantastic Calligraphy Links

Above, you’ll see Fantastic Calligraphy Links. I made several large edits to that section.

I inserted my final entries to Western Calligraphy in the Movies that I had not gotten around to adding earlier. Many thanks to those who suggested titles and gave links. Time to add some of these videos to your Netflix queue!

I updated Calligraphy Internet Resources. I added more links to the various U.S. calligraphy guilds and sought to add as many as I could in each state. This list is now alphabetized according to postal abbreviation. This list is not complete; some states have more than one guild, but I haven’t been able to find a link to their individual sites. If you’ve been wondering if a guild is in your state, check this page and see. If the guild listed in your state is too far, then contact them and ask if there are other guilds elsewhere in the state.

I’ve also added several more categories of resources to the page with their own headings. Check out the page and see if there are any of interest to you. I inserted links to the headings at the top of the page so you can jump right to them

My Book Collection page has been enlarged slightly, and I added RECOMMENDED to certain outstanding books.

If you have information that belongs on these above pages, please type it into the box at the bottom of that page to share it!

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Steve Husting is a mild webmaster by day and fearless writer by night. He is deaf, loves making calligraphy, hiking, terrific movies, and making the Bible's message clear to his readers. His devotionals are regularly published in Daily Devotionals for the Deaf, and his latest apps are sold in the iTunes App Store. His self-published Christian and calligraphy books are on lulu.com/spotlight/stevehusting
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