Birthday Cards for Work

Birthday cards for work

Birthday cards for work

For about a year now I’ve been doing the monthly birthday cards for the company’s employees. In the past, the company bought giant Hallmark cards, large enough for every employee to sign, and they were given out once a month at a get-together in the company lunchroom/meeting hall.

My sister, who also works there as the bookkeeper, saw my calligraphy and suggested they ditch the cards and have me make them instead. So I bought a pad of 18 x 24″ paper and used normal markers to make the cards. Then at Aaron Art Mart I purchased two oversized, 15mm Acrylic paint markers, red and blue, and tried them out. The letters look much better with them. The above will go to the two birthday boys for this month, rolled up with a fancy ribbon placed around each, their names and year lettered on the outside edge in Uncial. At 18 x 24″, it provides plenty of space for everyone to sign.

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